Anyone can sell, let me show you how…
Selling is the number one skill in business and, here is the thing, we are all part of the sales team and have a role to play in the company’s sales process.

Therefore, selling is the key skill that all of us need to learn – whatever our position.

This interactive fun and informative day will walk you through the sales process and prove that anyone can sell anything to anyone if you follow the secret formula.
Your day will look at how to turn contacts into customers and close the deal. It covers:

Introduction to sales
An introduction to the key elements of sales
A chance to see your strengths and weaknesses

Where do your customers come from?
How to meet people
How to use Linkedin and an Ideal Client Avatar
Introduction to the Sales Funnel

How to be a relationship expert
How to make friends quickly
Understand why people buy from people
Introduction to body language and sales

Identify their problem
Why people buy from people and buy solutions not products
Learn how to probe and question like an expert

Doctor of sales
How to move away from trying to sell your product and skilfully offer a solution to their problems

Turning the contact into a sale
How to influence people

How to pitch like a pro
Learn the Classic AIDA model

How to overcome the classic objections
Beat the timewasters

How to close the deal
Learn the seven top ways to close a deal

Learn the secret to asking for a referral