Business Networking

Networking is a fantastic way to meet fellow professionals, find out the latest news and trends, build relationships and discover new business opportunities.

But networking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The more extrovert amongst us thrive on the social interaction whereas, on the flip side, introverts dread it.

But like it or hate it, networking is a necessary evil or an Aladdin’s Cave of possibilities – whichever way you look at it.

So I’ve created training programmes to help nervous networkers to overcome their fears and make the most of these opportunities to connect.

Networking Masterclass
Ideal for the nervous networker or those looking to refresh their skills, this one-day training programme provides an introduction to networking and will help you to break the ice, instigate meaningful conversations and turn contacts into customers

Upon completion of this course you will be:
• A more confident networker
• Have an effective 60-second pitch
• Able to connect and gain trust quickly with new clients
• Skilled at identifying personality types and able to adapt your approach to suit
• Able to understand the basics of body language and use this to your strategic advantage

There are no official entry requirements – all you need is a willingness to learn and the perseverance to complete all sessions.

Top 10 tips for networking
“Andy delivered an excellent workshop on the ‘Psychology of networking’ to me and other members of Cheshire & Warrington Business Growth Hub. I particularly appreciated his perceptive insights into different personality types- how they think, behave, and are perceived- all high applicable to every day networking situations.
The workshop was well-paced, with a clear focus on the need to apply the learnings in practice, and the business benefits this would bring.
I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to sell their services.”
Lisa Cox, Freelance project manager