The Growth Mind Set Programme
We are all looking for the secret formula to help us get to where we want to be in business and often we find ourselves focusing on the wrong things.
The Carnegie Institute found that only 15% of business success comes from your technical ability 85 % comes from your ability to communicate, negotiate and lead.

So it’s no surprise that my 3 day personal development training programme will give you communication skills, negotiation skills and leadership skills
2 key areas of performance are your Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience and This programme will address both.

Emotional Resilience
• Increase confidence and performance
• Inspire staff to achieve more
• Decrease sick leave and mental health issues
• Slow staff turn over
• Understand what stops you from achieving your goals
• Learn what the brain needs to ensure success

Emotional Intelligence
• Connect with people of all personality types
• Build networks and relationships
• Build a positive team culture
• Become role models and inspire others
• Turn contacts into trusted valued customers
• How to nurture relationships and build trust

To Build your Emotional Intelligence levels
To Build up your Emotional Resilience
To learn the key skills needed for management and leadership
To boost your confidence and self esteem
To learn how to get the most out of your team
To learn how to connect with people and turn contacts into customers

Here is an example of a typical programme:
Day 1
A story
Learn triumph over adversity
Visualise your dreams
The importance of the inner world and its reflection on the outer world
Accelerated learning
Introduction to Accelerated Learning and why we use it
Breaking the Ice
A tool to break down barriers of shyness and awkwardness,
Form new friendships and build confidence for improved performance.
Ideal for inductions and team sessions


10 principles of successful people
To learn the 10 habits of self-improvement,
A coaching tool for management to identify strengths and weaknesses
Your personal mapping tool to follow your progress to success


The starfish Story
How to make a difference through coaching,
How people can make a positive or negative difference in the work place through attitude

Grow model
A tool for problem solving using left and right brain activity,
Gives clarity to strong action planning processes


Meditation and its place in business
Explore the use of meditation in the work place and how to place information in long term memory

Maslow’s principal
Understand why people underperform and can be demotivated
Understand the basic principles of people management
Understanding you need to recognise other people’s needs in all relationships
A coaching model for managers to help get the most out of individuals / team performance
Day 2

Body Language builds the relationship
How to build relationships and basics of networking
How we use nature to connect and build trust
How to pass an interview
personality types
Understand your personality type
Tool to understand different types of people in the work place and how to get the most from them
Why people fail and succeed in careers, why teams sometimes underperform
Build your leadership skills by adapting your personality style to match others
Understand people’s styles and models
How to build effective collaboration, with teams and departments

How not to listen
Tool to improve relationships at work and at home
Stop bad feeling and rejection in the minds of others
Build effective collaboration
Management tool to be able to identify issues in the work place
How to listen effectively
Build self-esteem and self-worth in others
Improve your work place communication skills
Improve your meeting/chair skills
Learn to sell using the doctor of sales approach

Day 3

Rip it up and start again
Build your Emotional Resilience
Understand what stops you from achieving
Let’s break down everything that stops you achieving and rebuild the new you
See, say and do

Self-ideal/role models
Inspire yourself and others to be a better person
Duplicate the positive behaviours of role models
Begin the habits of success
A tool for self-direction, coaching method for manager’s appraisal system
Tool for goal setting, visualisation and writing goals will lead to success
Use for appraisal meetings
Business planning tool

Understand what values are
Understand you own values and the effect they have on your life

Believe and Succeed
Tool to help people become more positive
Understand how the brain programmes activities once it sees pictures
How to use visualisation to increase mental toughness

The cause of low self-esteem and low self-worth
Understand how positive and negative language affects the staff team
A tool to help lower staff absence levels
Tool to build mental toughness

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