Business Development

As a business owner, Manager, leader, your job is to see the business grow. You will take the lead on business planning and strategic plans, staff appraisals and ensuring you develop the team to help them achieve their full potential.

Our Business Development Training is designed to support your growth, offer you the tools, skills and confidence to succeed and build an amazing business.


  • Explore company mission, vales and brand
  • Increase your customer base
  • Become better at time management
  • Plan for the future
  • Be a stronger sales team
  • Learn how to plan for the future
  • Learn how to problem solve for all situations
  • To help you build an effective profitable business
  • To learn the skills of business and strategic planning
  • To become a great supervisor/ team leader
  • Become a role model and aspired to by your team

The Programme


Tool to get the mind believing any challenge can be overcome

How cause and effect works in business

How setting a goal with purpose and emotion can get you to No 1

Coaching tool form managers to inspire and get the best from the team

Learn to speak in public

How to Break the Ice                                                        

Build a bridge of understanding before coaching

Induction tool

Team building tool

Learn to speak in public


Sigmoid curve                                                        

Classic Business planning tool to identify where the business is right now

Key principle of business

Change is Good, embrace it                                           

7 questions for key strategic planning

Business planning tool to beat decline

What business are you really in

Develop plans to be in the top 20%

Implement change

What stops you from achieving?


Learn that if you do not keep learning you will stagnate

Supervision tool to identify training needs

Team building and managing tool


Key behaviours of leaders

Emotional behaviours of leaders             

Learn the science of success for leadership

Become a role model to others

Talent management and coaching tool


The Business Core

Vision, mission, values                                          

Tool to build a 5 yr. business plan

Tool to create your mission statement

Tool to create your values and how to use to inspire and include staff in decision making process

Effective leadership tool communicating your vision



Day 2

Time to plan

How to reinvent your business                            

Why your brain is stimulated by questions

How the 4 questions can build a strategic plan, project plan

KWINK tool kit for future planning

Tool for management meetings

Implement change

Mind storming                                                        

Tool to build a new strategic plan / project plan

Gain a clear vision and time bound plan

Inclusion for the whole team

How to coach and supervise effectively


Tool for coaching at the highest level

Understand how to use GOSPA

Tool to produce a readymade business plan

Tool to provide ready-made appraisal system

Develop working relationships

Brand you                                                               

Tool to help create your brand

Learn to protect your brand and how it builds team loyalty

Customer loyalty, sales tool


Boston matrix                                             30mins         

Tool to help solve problems and make decisions in business

Understand your products and how they rate in the sales dept.


Day 3

Strategic Planning/ Emotional Resilience planning

Tool for 7 principles for team success

Tool for leadership and building high performance

Tool to learn about self-discipline and control

7 principles for project management / key focus


Dealing with staff issues

Difficult people                                            

Learn why customers and staff can be difficult and rude

Improve and manage team performance

How to be assertive

How to deal with bullies

Customer service techniques


Learn the game of negotiation

Learn why win, win is vital

Tool of the 18 principles of negotiation

Phycology of time                                                 

Develop skills in time management

Implement the ABCDE tool for prioritisation

Understand why you eat your frog first

Mental toughness

Introduction to delegation


Coaching tool to increase focus

Learn it is never too late to change

Coaching tool for appraisals to decide your or their legacy

Round up