Business Development

As a business owner, manager, leader, your role is to visualise where you want your business to be and lead your team on a journey to success.
This involves strategic business planning and effective communication to ensure you develop your team to help them achieve their full potential and boost your business’ performance.

To help you do this, I have devised a programme of Business Development Training designed to offer you the tools, skills and confidence to guide your team and support your growth to build a successful business.

The programme will empower you to:
• Learn the skills of business and strategic planning
• Explore your company mission, values and brand
• Become a great supervisor/team leader and inspire your team
• Become better at time management
• Develop your public speaking skills
• Develop team-building skills
• Be a stronger sales team
• Increase your customer base and retain customer loyalty
• Improve customer service
• Build an effective profitable business
• Learn how to negotiate and problem-solve for all situations
• Learn how to plan for the future

The course will also help you get into the growth mindset with the ability to identify anything that will hold you back, the confidence to embrace change and the belief that any challenges can be overcome.

We will study at classic business tools, such as the Sigmoid Curve, GOSPA performance management tools and the behaviours of successful teams and leaders.
Together we will get you to where you want to be and beyond your highest expectations.