Personal and Professional Development

Trainers and Coaches


If you are a coach or trainer we have a great deal of support to offer you

One to one coaching

Coaching is a critical support for anyone who runs or manages a business, but it is incredible how few Coaches and trainers have a coach them selves! Its time to practice what you preach!

I have been coaching people like you for more than 6 years supporting your business growth and personal development

Master Coach Qualification

Becoming a Master Coach will give you a huge tool box of techniques and stories to use with clients. We cover personal and executive development, learning the secrets of business success, you will also learn all about  Accelerated learning and become a more confident, skilled coach or trainer

Learn and Train with Accelerated Learning

Learn how to teach and train with the ground breaking techniques of Accelerated Training and develop new skills on how to teach and train


Who should attend or book a coaching session

  • Business Coaches running their own business
  • Trainers who run their own business
  • Trainers who are part of an in house training team for any type of business
  • Teachers


We are experts in Accelerated Learning. If you are not using Accellerated Training techniques in all your training, presenting and tendering, you are falling behind the opposition. OFSTED continues to take an increasing interest in Accelerated Learning and we know they are looking favourably upon teachers and trainers using the techniques.

Continuous Professional Development CPD is key for all trainers and Coaches you need to be on top of your game at all times and being part of the Association of International Masters Coaches(hyperlink to web site)  can help you achieve this through a mix of  networking, training and conferences


Well the simple answer is Now! Pick up the phone and call me on 07960888001 and lets get started

One to one coaching tends to take place monthly and we have Masters Courses starting all around the country throughout the year


One to one coaching

We deliver coaching face to face and via Skype, usually one or two hours a month, however this service is bespoke to suit your individual needs

Masters Coach Qualification

Our Masters programme is based on more than 35 years of research and  experience in large and small companies around the world and the big thing we have learnt is you need to take the decision to take action !

This programme gives you all the tools you need to run a successful coaching and training business, or take your current business to a new level

Master Coach Programme

How to Train and Learn with Accelerated Training

Learn the ground breaking techniques of Accelerated learning, as OFSTED continue to look at Accelerated Learning and see its importance in the future of Learning and development, it is vital you understand how it works and intergrate it into your work

How to learn and train with Accelerated Learning