As a sole trader myself, I know how hard it is running your own business and if there is one thing I have learnt in my time in business, its to surround your self with like minded, positive people.

So welcome to something new, something a bit different aimed at supporting sole traders and small business owners grow their business and support them with the day to day issues of a busy lifestyle

This is business support plus, this is a place for you to meet like minded people, share experiences, discuss issues, network and do business

So, what is the Hive?

The Hive is a facebook group, free to join where you can be part of the swarm.

Its full of like minded workers, looking for motivation, interaction, support and a sales platform.

You can ask questions, post about your products and promotions and generally get to know and be around like minded business people.

you can join right here

If you are looking for more, then you can join a worker group

Each group is a group of like-minded business people who want to develop their business and themselves.

The Worker Group is a mix of group coaching, learning and networking, it all takes place online and it only takes up 2 hours of your time a month.

A typical session goes like this


A chance to introduce yourself and discuss the last month, we will discuss the big issues of the month and I will offer some coach to suit

Learning slot

A short training session on a business or personal development topic

Topics will include:



Strategic planning

Emotional intelligence

Time management and much more

Members issue

Each month members will bring an issue to the table for discussion and the group will help and develop a solution

Refer and share

The networking slot, tell us who you want to work with and support other members with referrals.


This is key, we all come away with action points for the month, key things you are going to do and implement into your business.

This is not just another business network, this is for people who want to change, to grow and to lead. It is support for your emotional resilience, to help you grow your business and manage your time more effectively

Membership is just £25 per month

Just £25 for coaching, training, business support and a network of people promoting your work.

New Hives will be launched on a regular basis, so get in touch today and join the buzz that’s going around the Hive

To find out more and to sign up contact me today

Call Andy on 07960888001


or book an appointment to discuss right here