Personal and Professional Development

Personal Performance Coaching

Personal Performance Coaching is suitable for people with all types of lifestyles.

Network TrainingWhether you are just starting out or are an experienced professional, this course will provide you with the information, skills and the all essential support network you need to become a personal performance coach. You need to have the drive to make a difference, willingness to put in the required effort in and the perseverance to stay the course

Unlock your performance

Do you want to inspire and …

  • Eliminate corrosive communication
  • Gain instant rapport and influence others
  • Achieve outstanding personal growth and self confidence
  • Encourage and not lose your talent & promote collaboration
  • Get the best out of your teams and become a recognised role model
  • Embed the causes of success and achieve your desired future
  • Acquire the essential behaviours common to all leaders
  • Create a more fulfilling, richer life for you and your family

The fastest way to success is to unlock your performance. When this happens you rapidly transform yourself, your team and your organisation. Unparalleled accomplishment isn’t a holy grail, it is within everyone.

The course offers everything  you need  to become a successful Personal Performance Growth Coach. Not only that, in addition, this programme carries 3 levels of coaching certification to suite your needs.

Learning Outcomes…

  • Module 1: How to interact with others:
    Deploy The 6 Enablers of Communication
  • Module 2: 18 Principles of coaching & leadership:
    How To Master The Art Of Leadership & Coaching
  • Module 3: How to foster trust through listening [positive] :
    Create Empathy with the 10 Rules of The White Magic
  • Module 4: How to eliminate corrosive communication [negative]:
    Avoid The Habits Of Negative Listening
  • Module 5: How to satisfy the five essential needs:
    Uncover The Secrets of Maslow’s Five Levels
  • Module 6: The grow model – the indispensable coaching tool:
    Harness The 4 Stages of Lasting Change
  • Module 7: The coaching contract:
    Establish Boundaries between Coaching, Mentoring & Counseling
  • Module 8: How to build relationships:
    Develop Rapport With The Five Deep Sub Conscious Needs
  • Module 9: How to cultivate peak performance:
    Employ the Skills Wheel: The 10 Causes of Success
  • Module 10: How to get the best from others:
    Unlock The Four Personality Styles
  • Module 11 – How to foster a good work/ life balance
    Utilize The 12 Spokes of The Wheel of a Balanced Life
  • Module 12: How to create a new self concept:
    Free yourself from self limiting beliefs
  • Module 13: How to build your self ideal:
    Uncover The 3 Measures of Your Authentic Self
  • Module 14: How to build your self image:
    Program Your Ideal Future
  • Module 15: How to build your self esteem:
    Unleash your Shackles to Growth With The 8 Steps


What you can expect …

All our programmes are great fun and use the revolutionary techniques of accelerated learning. This supports you in retaining 95% of knowledge in half the time.  Get ready to:

  • Play exciting interactive games
  • Listen to stimulating stories and poems
  • Meditate with complete review concerts
  • Attend motivational and highly practical teachings
  • Meet inspiring people and engage your creative self

Aimed at people looking for a new career or a change in direction, or if you want to make a positive difference to people’s lives in the business world. It is ideal if you want to harness your ability to motivate and encourage your staff? Whatever your particular motive you will be joining others with similar aims and desires.

The number of people training to become a Personal Performance Coach has recently seen a phenomenal growth, both in the UK and around the world.

Participants not only experience confidence in tackling challenges and achieving their goals, but also derive immense satisfaction from enabling others to find fulfillment and build a better career through personal performance.

This type of coaching is now high on the agenda of companies needing well trained staff. Personal performance coaching should not be confused with therapy or counselling. Rather it develops a special relationship between you the coach and those you are coaching