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Master Coach Programme

I am often asked the question “so what is a Master Coach ?”

It’s a good question, because most people who complete the course are not coaches and don’t go on to coach either

I was talking to our Chief Executive and founder John Haynes recently and asked that very question

His 20 years of experience came up with these wise words

“A Master Coach is somebody who totally committed to their future, their family and their business. They have realised the future belongs to the learner and they know we are now living in the knowledge age.

They do not class themselves as know it all’s who think they know best and have stopped learning. They have learnt the skills of Accelerated Learning that will not only change their lives, but will also change and make a difference in the lives of others, both in personal and professional relationships. They are willing to live on the edge of their comfort zones to achieve all this, They work hard to achieve the 4 certificates, which will open doors for them around the world  and are proud to live to our motto the main purpose of life is to make a difference to the life of others.”

Profound words I am sure you will agree and the next question most people ask…

“How can I become a Master Coach too?”

Well the answer to that comes from you

Do you have the dedication and bravery to get out of your comfort zone?

Will you dedicate 1 day a week for 10 weeks to your future?

If you are one of those right now,  saying  “a day a week… ooh I don’t think I can spare that, I am so busy” you are already falling behind the competition !!

Will you pay the price for success?, real success comes to those willing to pay the price, but we do promise the return on investment will be huge



Who should attend?

  • Line managers, directors and business owners who want to inspire their staff and nurture respect and responsibility
  • Start up business owners keen to expand their business, win new contracts and employ staff
  • Business people looking to further their own development with Continuous Personal Development
  • Tutors who want their students to achieve maximum results in their studies and exams
  • People wanting to make a fresh start or are not sure of their next career steps
  • People in the sports, health and fitness industry who want their sports people and clients to succeed in their chosen field


Successful people are made not born. You can become an indispensable person and a leader in your work and your life if you learn and practice the behaviours, methods and techniques of other successful people and leaders.

Our Masters programme is based on more than 35 years of research and  experience in large and small companies around the world and the big thing we have learnt is you need to take the decision to take action !

Now is your time, the opportunity is right here in front of you, right now

  • Eliminate corrosive communication & gain instant rapport and influence others
  • Achieve outstanding personal growth and self confidence whilst getting the best out of your teams and becoming a recognised role model
  • Encourage and not lose your talent & promote collaboration
  • Embed the causes of success and achieve your desired future
  • Acquire the essential behaviours common to all leaders & create a more fulfilling, richer life for you and your family
  • Do you have vision and ambition but are lacking focus?
  • Are you a business executive who wants to develop your own successful business?
  • Are you stuck in a comfort zone? A job that is going nowhere?
  • Are you a student studying for exams? Looking to greatly improve your ability to retain information?
  • Has the process of learning become too stressful and worrying?
  • Do you want to achieve immediate, outstanding results in your ability, confidence and memory skills?
  • Do you want to gain the skills to learn more naturally, using techniques that suit your preferred learning style?
  • Do you want tools you can use for the rest of your life to maximise your learning potential?
  • Are you a coach looking for self development, eager to learn new techniques and keep up with the latest developments?
  • Are you a teacher who wants to improve your classroom results and create a fun learning experience for your students?
  • Do you want to gain the skills to learn more naturally, using techniques that suit your preferred learning style?



The Masters Programme is a 10 day programme usually run one day a week for 10 weeks, we run programmes right through out the year in various locations, so visit our events page to find one that suits you


All our programmes are great fun and use the revolutionary techniques of accelerated learning. This supports you in retaining 95% of knowledge in half the time.  Get ready to:

  • Play exciting interactive games
  • Listen to stimulating stories and poems
  • Meditate with complete review concerts
  • Attend motivational and highly practical teachings
  • Meet inspiring people and engage your creative self

Master the 15 exciting Modules of Personal Performance Coaching and reach your goals to success and happiness.

Learn the 16 fantastic modules of our Executive Leadership Coaching Course and achieve peak business performance.

Become a GENIUS with the 6 G.E.N.I.U.S modules of Accelerated Learning.

Emancipate the mind the all ecompassing 9 C’s of Accelerated Training.

Our Master Coach Programme consists of 3 strands


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