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Executive Leadership Coaching Programme

Executive Leadership Coaching Programme

Apr 11, 9:00am - Apr 25, 10:00am

Baltic Creative CIC
49 Jamaica St
Liverpool,  L1 0AH Map

This is a 3 day course run over 3 weeks
11th 18th and 25th April

Do you sometimes get lost among the day-to-day dramas of the workplace and lose focus as a result? Perhaps you feel that your staff are not working as effectively as they could? Maybe you simply want to inject passion and growth into your business?

The Executive Leadership Coaching Course addresses these issues and desires. The course was created after many years of studying the attitudes and behaviours of high flyers in the business world and seeks to provide you with leadership techniques that are both practical and proven.
The course draws on work-related scenarios to create a realistic learning environment; one that is greatly enhanced by the application of an innovative technique known as accelerated learning. This revolutionary approach enables you to retain more of what you learn, ultimately to the benefit of you, your staff and your business.

Is Executive Leadership Coaching for You?
Using a variety of inspirational presentations, physical activities, case-study analysis, concentration workouts and team building techniques, executive leadership coaching brings out the best in any current and future leader.
This course typically attracts the following type of attendees:
• Entrepreneurs who are either starting their own venture or wish to boost the success of a current business.
• Managers and company directors who want to provide effective and inspirational leadership to their workforce.
• Line managers and supervisors who want to set a great example or aspire to promotion in their career.
• Coaches who want to help their clients and their businesses achieve astonishing growth and success.

Those completing the Executive Leadership Coaching Course can expect to reap many benefits, among them:
• Increased energy and an abundance of new-found motivation
• An understanding of different personality types and how to motivate each type
• Improved problem-solving techniques and greater assertiveness
• Better negotiation, time-management and decision-making skills
• An increased ability to delegate effectively in the workplace
• An understanding of how to lead inspirationally while building a winning team

The Executive Leadership Coaching Course can be undertaken as a standalone course or as one of four courses that lead to Master Coaching certification.

There are no official entry requirements for the Executive Leadership Coaching workshops although you should attend with an open mind, a willingness to learn and a desire to succeed.

A typical course includes
shields of triumph
build a bridge of understanding before coaching
induction tool
team building tool
learn to speak in public

sigmoid curve
business planning tool to identify where the business is right now
key principle of business

How to beat decline
7 questions for key strategic planning
Business planning tool to beat decline
What business are you really in
Develop plans to be in the top 20%
Implement change

learn that if you do not keep learning you will stagnate
supervision tool to identify training needs
team building and managing tool

emotional behaviours of leaders
learn the science of success for leadership
become a role model to others
talent management and coaching tool

vision, mission, values
tool to build a 5 yr business plan
tool to create your mission statement
tool to create your values and how to use to inspire and include staff in decision making process
effective leadership tool communicating your vision

How to reinvent your business
Why your brain is stimulated by questions
How the 4 questions can build a strategic plan, project plan
KWINK tool kit for future planning
Tool for management meetings
Implement change

mind storming
tool to build a new strategic plan / project plan
gain a clear vision and time bound plan
inclusion for the whole team
be brilliant
get the basics right
practice the basics and it will lead to success

Tool for coaching at the highest level
Understand how to use GOSPA
Tool to produce a ready made business plan
Tool to provide ready made appraisal system
Develop working relationships

brand you
tool to help create your brand
learn to protect your brand and how it builds team loyalty
customer loyalty, sales tool

Boston matrix
Tool to help solve problems and make decisions in business
Understand your products and how they rate in the sales dept

alexander the great
Tool for 7 principles for team success
Tool for leadership and building high performance
Tool to learn about self discipline and control
7 principles for project management / key focus

difficult people
learn why customers and staff can be difficult and rude
improve and manage team performance
how to be assertive
how to deal with bullies
customer service techniques

coaching tool to increase focus
learn it is never too late to change
coaching tool for appraisals to decide your or their legacy

Phycology of time
Develop skills in time management
Implement the ABCDE tool for prioritisation
Understand why you eat your frog first
Mental toughness
Introduction to delegation

learn the game of negotiation
learn why win, win is vital
tool of the 18 principles of negotiation

This 3 day programme, completed over 3 weeks costs just £500, many courses of this type will cost you in excess of £5000!
We have commitment to making sure our courses are accessible to all and so payment plans are available making this course available to you from as little as just £50 per month
To book your place contact Andy Guile now
Tel: 07960888001
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