Personal and Professional Development

Born to Perform

Born to Perform

A 4 day training programme for small teams, sales and customer service staff

 We all want our teams to perform at the highest level and deliver a brilliant service to our clients.

The most succesful teams adapt their behaviours and actions towards those they are serving.

This adaptability includes talking, listening, asserting, questioning and been open to new ideas.

Top teams match their style to preferences of the people they deal with.

You can not change the personalities of your team, but you can change their behaviour and the culture they work in.

“culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

Born to Perform has been specifically created with one thing in mind…

Helping you to change the culture of your business to ensure you get the best from your staff

In developing the programme, we listened to a lot of feedback from our past and existing clients to understand the struggles and issues that they face every day. We have incorporated solutions to as many of these problems as possible into our programme, resulting in 3 key areas that we feel will help you to truly harness your employees’ full potential.

Emotional Resilience

  • Increase confidence and performance
  • Inspire staff to achieve more
  • Decrease sick leave and mental health issues
  • Slow staff turn over
  • Understand what stops you from achieving your goals
  • Learn what the brain needs to ensure success

Emotional Intelligence

  • Connect with people of all personality types
  • Build networks and relationships
  • Build a positive team culture
  • Become role models and inspire others
  • Turn contacts into trusted valued customers
  • How to nurture relationships and build trust

Business Development

  • Explore company mission, vales and brand
  • Increase your customer base
  • Become better at time management
  • Plan for the future
  • Be a stronger sales team
  • Learn how to plan for the future
  • Learn how to problem solve for all situations

Course Feedback

“Brilliant course. Extremely informative, on both a professional and personal development level. Each session was well thought out, engaging, creative and exceptionally delivered by Andy. I have been provided with the tools to better myself in all aspects and plan to keep using my newfound skills to better my future.” STS uk










Day 1:


To give the big picture

Introducing the power of culture in an organisation

Explain about the left and right brain and why we need to keep work fun and challenging

Shield of Life


To Show how to break down barriers of shyness and awkwardness

To show how to form new friendships

To show how to build confidence for improved performance

10 Principles of Success


To learn the 10 success habits of self- improvement

To learn to use this as a coaching tool for future clients

To identify personal strengths and weaknesses

Star Fish story


How to make a difference through caching

Why people make a positive or negative difference

How to make people remember you forever

GROW Model


How the left and right brain help to solve problems

To give clarity with strong action plans

Why the GROW model is used succesfully around the world


Maslow the 5 deep sub conscious needs


Understanding why people underperform and are not motivated

Why the 5 deep subconscious needs have to be recognised in all relationships

A coaching model for society, business and all life’s other problems

Day 2 offerers a choice of 3 versions

Whether you like it or not, we are all in sales in a modern business. Sales and networking skills are vital for us all but many of us shy away from doing what is needed. Learn the processes involved in the sales cycle or the top proceses to make your networking more effective.

For many businesses its along time since they revisited their business plan, values and mission, getting everyone onvolved in the refresh of this is vital, so time to start doing what is needed, not what you want to do

version 1


The 5 A’s


Why relationships break down

How to network effectively

How to pass an interview, win a tender

Solve people’s problems

4 Personality Types


Understand the different personality types

Identify your own style and that of others

Why you need to be personally flexible

The 60 second pitch


To understand the importance of a great pitch and what should be included

Build the confidence to be able to use this pitch at will

Body Language


To understand the importance of your body language, what does it say about you?

How to read other people

How to have the confidence to join in conversations and invite other in too

Day 2

Version 2 Sales and how to turn contacts into customers

Wheel of Sales


To look at the key skills needed for selling and review your own performance.

This is a tool to monitor your progress as you learn new skills and develop your approach



Learn the need to prospect for customers,

Create your sales funnel

Understand where to find clients

The Relationship Expert


Learn how understanding people and support people and how this will make them want to buy from you

Doctor of Sales


Learn the key skill of listening to your client and then offering a tailored made solution to their problem.

This is the key to ensuring you get a big sale

How to influence people:

Learn the secrets to how top sales people influence us to buy their product and how you can do it too

The Sales Pitch


Learn how to make a great presentation using the AIDA technique

How to plan a presentation,

How to overcome objections and how to get them to say yes

The Close


Learn 7 classic closing techniques to enable you to close any deal effectively

Version 3 how to reinvent your business, strategic and business planning

Sigmoid curve                                                        

Business planning tool to identify where the business is right now

Key principle of business

How to beat decline                                              

7 questions for key strategic planning

Business planning tool to beat decline

What business are you really in

Develop plans to be in the top 20%

Implement change

What stops you from achieving?


Learn that if you do not keep learning you will stagnate

Supervision tool to identify training needs

Team building and managing tool

The Business Core

Vision, mission, values

Tool to build a 5 yr. business plan

Tool to create your mission statement

Tool to create your values and how to use to inspire and include staff in decision making process

Effective leadership tool communicating your vision

Strategic Planning

Alexander the great

Tool for 7 principles for team success

Tool for leadership and building high performance

Tool to learn about self-discipline and control

7 principles for project management / key focus

Key behaviours of leaders

Emotional behaviours of leaders

Learn the science of success for leadership

Become a role model to others

Talent management and coaching tool


Day 3

“Choosing the wrong communication approach to a client is dangerous” – there are simple tactics that can be introduced to help develop trust, proving credibility, reliability, empathy and minimising any hint of self-interest. Making the other person feel important is key and the secret to this is listening

7 Habits of Listening


Improve family and career relationships

Stop bad feelings and rejection in the minds of other people

Come out of denial and admit improvement is needed in listening habits


White Magic


Build self-esteem and self-worth in others

Practice the 10 qualities of white magic to change for excellent communication

How to make people feel important



To learn the skills of negotiation

Learn how to get a win win deal every time

Build confidence in sales techniques

Dealing with Difficult People


How to deal with bullies and difficult people

How to diffuse difficult situations and deal with complaints

Day 4:

 “you were born to perform” – Get your team out of their comfort zone and setting personal goals


To build a new culture in the team and empower individuals to become stronger and successful

To understand the self-belief system

How destructive criticism ruins lives

Build a new belief system in the self-concept

Richards Story


Understand you have to take risks to succeed

Understand if you stay in your comfort zone you will have regrets

Self-limiting beliefs


Understand the negative and positives of the clean slate

Identify throw away behaviour

Learn how other people programme your thinking and activities



Inspire to be a better person

Commit to duplicate role model behaviours

Begin the habits of chosen role models



Understand how goal setting inspires the brain

Set new goals for your life



Coach each other on values

Values help us make decisions

Values develop personalities



Change to a positive image of yourself

Understand how the brain programmes activities once it sees pictures

The power of visualisation

Self Esteem


The cause of low self-esteem, low self-worth and low self confidence

Understanding auto and hetero suggestive conditioning affirmations

The strength and weakness of positive and negative thoughts and how the immune system reacts

Brand you


Understand what is your brand and what it says about you

Make positive changes to your brand

How to reinvent you and your Business

More of, less of, stop doing, start doing 


To begin to explore what happens now

Set an action plan for future success

  • Everyone comes away with a ICA Born to Perform Programme Certificate and the skills and confidence to raise their game to the next level

How to Book?

This programme is open to all businesses as an in house training programme for up to 10 staff at a time.

We are totally flexible in our approach and can work to suit your needs on delivery times and venues

To book your course or talk in more detail call Andy now

Tel: 07960888001