Business Brings out the animal in you

How to use body language to influence your business

A one day course designed to support your team with Networking and sales

“Body Language is a significant aspect of modern communications and relationships.

It is therefore very relevant to sales, management and leadership, and to all aspects of work and business”.

Body language can make or break a deal. How you carry yourself when engaged in conversation is often as important as what you say. Body language is nonverbal, but it communicates volumes about you nonetheless.

With almost infinite symbolic interpretations for body language, no wonder people are nervous about it!

This course will help you to understand the basics and how to use your new skills in business


Introduction to body language

Who wants to talk to me?

Identify who wants to talk at events and networking sessions

Use your body language to build trust and sell to people

The smile

Learn why a smile is vital in connecting with people

Learn to identify a fake smile

Learn how a real smile can bring you to a sale

The handshake

Understand how to take control of a conversation or meeting with a hand shake

Learn the  main types of handshake and what they indicate

Eye contact

Learn to understand pupil dilation and what it means

Learn to identify if your sales pitch is working or not

Learn to identify when you have hit the “hot button”

Hands and arms

What does how you stand and use your arms say about you?

Understand the signals you give and receive from arm movement

The touch

Understand the “power touch”

What it does and why it works

Personal space

Learn why we need personal space

Understand the distance you should leave between people in differing circumstances

Bring it all together

How to make it work for you in sales, networking and business in general