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Accelerated Learning

Uncover the genius process to unlock lifelong learning

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Retain 90% more knowledge in half the learning time

  • Are you a student studying for exams? Looking to greatly improve your ability to retain information?
  • Has the process of learning become too stressful and worrying?
  • Do you want to achieve immediate, outstanding results in your ability, confidence and memory skills?
  • Do you want to gain the skills to learn more naturally, using techniques that suit your preferred learning style?
  • Do you want tools you can use for the rest of your life to maximise your learning potential?
If this is you then don’t hesitate. Take action NOW and gain the success skills and knowledge that will transform your life.

Learning Outcomes…

Become a GENIUS with Accelerated Learning

  • Module 1: GROUND: 
    Dynamically prepare your mind for joyful learning
  • Module 2: EMERGE: 
    Become familiar and delight in the details you are studying
  • Module 3: NURTURE:
    Engage your preferred learning style and develop the 7 intelligences
  • Module 4: IMPROVE:
    Hone your memory and be thrilled at remembering the facts
  • Module 5: UNEARTH:
    Show you know using fun games to assess your knowledge
  • Module 6: SELF-REFLECTION:
    Transfer your learning to the long-term memory with alpha theta meditation

What you can expect …

All our programmes are great fun and use the revolutionary techniques of accelerated learning. This supports you in retaining 95% of knowledge in half the time.  Get ready to:

  • Play exciting interactive games
  • Listen to stimulating stories and poems
  • Meditate with complete review concerts
  • Attend motivational and highly practical teachings
  • Meet inspiring people and engage your creative self

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