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New Directions

Welcome to the home of New Directions, the home of high quality coaching , training and public speaking.

We are part of the world renowned  International Coaching Academy and are licenced to deliver the life changing  Master Coach programme

At the heart of our work is Accelerated Learning

Conceived by Georgi Lozanov, it is the most advanced teaching and learning method in use today and is revolutionary in its approach.

  • Absorb 95% of knowledge in half the time.
  • Children learn more between the ages of 2-5 than at any other time in their lives. This pioneering method actively involves the techniques we used as children to speed up our learning.
  • Games, creativity, music, images and colour all support in breaking open your potential … and most importantly its fun.

The Carnegie Institute for Technology found only 15% of business success is down to your technical ability, a shocking 85% of success is down to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead.

We are in the people business, we will help you become more self aware, confident, skilled in negotiation and sales and a confident leader.

These methods have been successfully transforming people and their businesses all over the world for the last 20 years and it will work for you too

We offer a number of key services to support your growth including the world famous Masters Programme and have specialisms in supporting

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